1 - Can Saucestream Squeezer be used on any bottle ?

Answer, The Saucestream squeezers are designed for dedicated glass bottles

2 - How do I use my Saucestream Squeezer ?

Answer, See ‘How it Works’ page

3 - Can I leave the Saucestream attached to the bottle after use?

Answer, yes leave the Saucestream Squeezer attached until the bottle is empty

4 - Do I have to shake the bottle before use?

Answer, Yes with the swivel lid closed, you can shake the bottle to mix the sauce before use

5 - How do I place the bottle for use with the Saucestream squeezer attached?

Answer, When the glass bottle is full, we recommend that you place the bottle on the table base down on the protection cap , turn over the bottle to use the Saucestream Squeezer. When the glass bottle is becoming empty, place the bottle so it sits on the Saucestream squeezer, which will help get all of the sauce out of the bottle.

6 - Do I need to clean the Saucestream Squeezer after every use?

Answer, No , but It’s a good idea to clean squeezer before attaching to a new bottle

7 - How do I clean my Saucestream Squeezer?

Answer, Saucestream squeezer can be cleaned under the tap, in the sink or in the dishwasher as per the
instructions on web site.

8 - How do I store my Saucestream Squeezer?

Answer, You can store your Saucestream Squeezer attached to the glass bottle either way up on the shelf of your fridge or cupboard, however if you choose to store your sauce in the fridge door, then we recommend you place the Squeezer so it sits standing up with the glass bottle protection cap base down in the door shelf.

7 - What is the protection cap for?

Answer, the protection cap helps to prevent the glass bottle from breaking if dropped.

8 - What do I do with the empty glass bottle?

Answer, the bottle can be refilled, put into recycling or a recycling loop