About Us

Saucestream is the easy squeezer that reduces single plastic waste, invented by the entrepreneurs behind the famously successful Grillstream BBQ system.

After first appearing on Dragon’s Den back in 2009, Ian Hutchinson and Peter Neath pitched their revolutionary BBQ grill technology but were unable to get investment.


With the interest the show created, Grillstream has grown into one of the largest home-grown BBQ brands in the UK market and is also found in licensed territories worldwide.

Following on from this success, Ian and Peter investigated ways to develop eco-friendly products and reduce plastic waste by launching Saucestream.

Across the UK, we use 7.8 billion plastic bottles every year, which is around 117 bottles per person. Despite the general public becoming more aware of their environmental impact and carbon footprint, 55% of all plastic waste still ends up in landfills or contributes to the 12.7 million tonnes of plastic that pollutes our oceans yearly.

While in conversation Peter and Ian were discussing the Blue Planet (a television program fronted by David Attenborough) and the ramifications of single use plastics. The common consensus was that there is over use of plastic bottles including condiment bottles such as the favourite Ketchup and BBQ sauce .

The ideal solution was and still is the use of glass bottles, a material that is sustainable to the planet due to its ability to be both cleaned and reused but also endlessly recycled . The cons that were bought up was about its functionality and its use. The highlight remark ? " If only you could squeeze glass bottles". cue the duo's light bulb moment.

Numerous discussions, market research, prototype after prototype, consumer feedback and even more design work, Saucestream's Squeezer's were born.

A solution to the drawbacks of the classic hard glass bottles, the ability to squeeze your sauce  out and still have the traditional  environmentally friendly  glass bottle. Saucestream strives to be the catalyst for change with the way plastics are consumed worldwide.

Sleek. Clean. Green. Refill. Reuse. Recycle