Top 5 Kitchen Hacks To Help You Look Like A Pro

We spend a lot of money on our kitchens. It is true. We have £200 food processors that get used once every year, and £100 juicers that we used incessantly for 2 weeks when we were on a ‘cleanse’ that haven’t been used since.

So, why is it that we spend so much money every year on our kitchen? It is simple, we have an unquenchable desire to feel like we are saving time (and to feel more ‘chef-y’ when we are replicating our Ainsley Harriott oil drizzle).

In this blog, we are going to share with you 5 unbelievable kitchen hacks that will save you time, money and make your life in the kitchen that little bit easier.

What is a Kitchen Hack?

We aren’t talking about the chopping action you make when taking down a tree in a forest. Nor are we talking about an out of date sell out actor like Nicholas Cage. We are talking about the sort of wizardry that will make your daily kitchen experience a breeze. 

Hack 1: Freezing Short Life Products

There is nothing more annoying in life than food wastage, but fast perishables such as milk sometimes only has a week’s shelf life when you get them home. The good news is, that excess freezer space and those empty ice cube trays can be put to good use because Hack Number 1 is freezing your short life products.

Milk can be frozen.

Freezing your milk in an ice tray will help to keep your milk for a whole month. It will also help you to cool your tea and coffee quicker so that you haven’t got to wait ages to drink it in the morning.

Other perishables can be frozen too. You can crack your eggs into silicon trays and freeze them so they last longer. You can also make frozen yoghurt-pops by freezing your yoghurts with ice-lolly sticks in them. Perfect as refreshing snacks on warm sunny days.

Hack 2: Make Fresh Herbs Last Longer

We buy these amazing (and expensive) fresh herbs as part of our kickstart to healthiness and wellness, we garnish our meal on a Monday, throw them in the fridge, and by Wednesday, they’ve wilted, look soggy and are tasteless.

If only there was a way to make our fresh herbs last longer than they do in the fridge, right? Well there is!

Place your herbs in a glass jar out of direct sun light, half filled with water (just as you would with flowers) and refresh the water every few days. This will more than double the shelf life of your herbs, and keep them fresh and tasty for longer.

Hack 3: Cutting Meat Thin

Having thin slices of chicken, pork or beef in your stir fry can make the difference between an average stir fry and a great one. Cutting meat thin while it is raw is impossible. So try this hack to help you; put your meat in the freezer for 30-40 minutes until it is partially frozen.

Once your meat is partially frozen, take it out of the freezer and take a sharp knife to it. You will find it is incredibly easy to cut, and you can cut it wafer thin. Perfect for cooking fast.

Hack 4: Reheat Pizza & Baked Goods

We’ve all ordered a large takeaway pizza with the mindset of reheating it the next day and devouring the leftovers. The reality is that throwing the pizza back in the oven the next day takes too long and causes too much mess, eating it cold is an awful idea; and throwing the pizza into the microwave leaves it stiff as a board and tasteless.

How to get around this issue not just for pizza but for other baked goods, is to place a small cup of water in the microwave alongside what you are reheating. This will add moisture to the air and keep the food moist (and tasty).  

Hack 5: The Ultimate Summer Cocktails

There is nothing more perfect than relaxing in the garden with an ice cold cocktail in hand. The problem is your cocktail never seems to stay cold for long, and throwing ice cubes into the mix only ends in a watery drink that is devoid of its original taste.

The good news is that alcohol that is less than 20% proof will easily freeze in your home freezer. Making beer and wine ice cubes is a great way of extending how long your drink stays cold for without compromising the flavour.

If you are drinking a fruity cocktail then you might struggle to freeze your high proof (30%-40%) spirits, but you can add to the flavour by freezing fruit and dropping them into the drink bit by bit to keep your drink cool. Frozen grapes are great ice cube replacements, and they taste great if you eat them semi-frozen. 

Let Us Know How You Hack

Tag us in on social with the food and drink hacks that make your time in the kitchen better.

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