Saucestream Squeezer (Fits Heinz Ketchup)


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The Saucestream Squeezer* will help you move away from single use plastic bottles

  • Reduce single use plastic
  • Years of use with convenience and control
  • Empties all the sauce from the bottle
  • Easy to clean

*Bottle not included

Protect the Environment
Single use plastic bottles are killing our planet. Over 500 million plastic ketchup bottles are binned each year and almost all of those 500 million bottles are going into landfill. The vast majority of plastic does not get recycled at all.

Get more Sauce

It is estimated over 50 tonnes of ketchup is binned every year. Why? Because it is near impossible to empty the bottle. If you’ve had enough of smacking, shaking or wiggling the bottle to get the sauce out, Saucestream Squeezer is the answer!

How Does it Work?

It takes just 5 very quick steps to start Saucestream-ing;

  1. Remove the cap from your selected glass bottle and put in your recycling box 
  2. Take the Saucestream Squeezer and protection cap from the  box 
  3.  Simply push the Saucestream Squeezer on the top of the glass bottle until fully home and then turnover .
  4. Holding the glass bottle, push the protection cap onto the bottom of the bottle
  5. Now open the swivel lid and pump the Saucestream squeezer to  simply and easily dispense sauce onto your favourite food 


What is Saucestream Squeezer made of? 
The Saucestream Squeezer was designed from the outset to reduce the negative impact that single use plastics is having on our environment. All our squeezers are made from environmentally friendly silicon rubber and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

What Bottle does the Saucestream Squeezer fit?

The Saucestream Squeezer (in Red), is designed to fit Heinz’s most manufactured bottle perfectly; the Heinz Ketchup 300ml glass bottle (as pictured). If you have HP Brown Sauce in your home the Saucestream Squeezer  (in Brown) is perfect for the HP glass bottle too.



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