Plastic Alternatives – What Can We Swap Out In Our Kitchen?

It’s a well known fact that plastic is incredibly harmful for the environment, as it can take thousands of years to break down if not recycled, affecting humans, plants, and animals. Here in the UK, there has been a significant increase in efforts to recycle plastic in order to reduce plastic pollution.

Did you know that you can join this effort simply by starting in your kitchen? The use of plastic has become so customary in this day and age that you probably don’t realise the amount of plastic that is sitting in your kitchen. 

To aim for a more plastic-free kitchen, read on to see what alternatives you can use to swap out plastic in your kitchen.

Glass sauce bottles instead of plastic sauce bottles

Many of your favourite condiments such as ketchup or HP sauce come in plastic bottles, which, as you know, is harmful and wasteful for the environment. So why not swap it out for a glass bottle instead; it is 100% recyclable, it does not absorb any smells or flavours, and it does not release any harmful toxins into food.

Here at SauceStream, we offer a variety of glass bottle packs for your sauces, and it is entirely eco-friendly. We also understand that using a glass bottle may not be the easiest thing to get all the remains of the sauce – but that’s where our squeezers come in! You simply attach the squeezer onto the glass bottle, and after a gentle squeeze, the sauce will easily dispose right out of the bottle.

Plastic bin liners need to go

How often do you change the bins or use plastic bin liners in the kitchen everytime you throw away leftover food? That’s a lot of plastic usage, but luckily there are a few alternatives to use.

One option is to line your bins with newspapers instead of plastic bags, as this is much more sustainable. If you’re not keen on this, you could also purchase certified compostable bin liner bags and are easily available in your local supermarket. 

A third option is to not use a bin liner at all, and just use the bin without any lining. You simply empty the rubbish out and then wash the bin out – no plastic usage at all!

Change your packed lunches

Packed lunches are common for every household, whether it’s for work, school, or university. But it is likely that plastic is being used in terms of the actual lunchbox or the packaging of store-bought wraps and sandwiches.

Instead, it is better to opt for a reusable zip lock silicone food bag for your lunches as they are far more sustainable than plastic bags. In addition, it is helpful to invest in a steel lunchbox for your food, as it is resistant to cracks and discolouring, unlike plastic ones.

Swap out your cling film 

Plastic food wraps such as cling film is common in every kitchen, but due to its everyday frequent use, it is incredibly harmful for the environment. Luckily, there is an alternative in the form of ‘beeswax wraps’, made from 100% organic cotton and covered in a layer of beeswax.

Get rid of your plastic cooking utensils

Instead of using plastic knives, forks, spoons, and spatulas, it is now time to opt for different materials altogether. There are many metal and wooden utensils and cutlery that are durable and can be washed and reused constantly.

However, if you do currently have plastic utensils and cutlery, it is best not to just throw them out immediately, but to continue to use them until they wear out, and then proceed to purchase non-plastic utensils. 

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