Commercial & Retail

    The Saucestream® range of Squeezer’s are available to purchase for restaurant chains, government estates, retail and food outlets.

    Subject to your requirements the Saucestream® Squeezer’s can be produced with bespoke colours including company logos.

    Key Benefits

    • Reducing food waste
    • Reduce plastic usage
    • Increase sauce shelf life
    • Improve sauce flow
    • Branding opportunity

    What Is Saucestream Made Of? 

    The Saucestream was designed to help reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. The making of the Saucestream supports that. The box packaging is recycled cardboard and the product it self is made of silicon rubber.

    What Bottle Does The Saucestream Fit?

    The Saucestream (in Red), is designed to fit Heinz’s most manufactured bottle perfectly; the Heinz Ketchup 300ml glass bottle (as pictured). If you have HP Brown Sauce in your home the Saucestream (in Brown) is perfect for the HP glass bottle too.