Our Story

SauceStream® was founded by Peter Neath and Ian Worton, the brains behind the Grillstream BBQ – a totally unique open bar grill system.

In August 2009 Ian & Peter first showcased Grillstream on the Dragons Den with a further appearance on the follow up program on the 24th October 2010.

During a Grillstream BBQ cooking demonstration  Peter and Ian were discussing the BBC David Attenborough  blue Planet  program and the news of the environmental impact of single use plastic, their eyes were drawn the plastic sauce bottles that everyone used on that day.

All of these sauces are still made in environmentally friendly glass bottles they thought,….so what if we can make a glass bottle squeeze..? …… ‘That was the Eureka moment ‘… and the squeezy ‘SauceStream®’ product was born.

With Grillstream BBQs an established brand sold in John Lewis, other major retailers and in garden centres  for many years, this gave the company invaluable experience in designing and developing new products for the market place.

With the greater target of reducing  plastic pollution in their sights, the challenge was on to develop  this new Saucestream® product into a functional unit totally free of plastic which gives every one the chance to change from plastic sauce bottles to the endlessly recyclable iconic glass bottles of the main brands.

It is a little known fact that plastic products cannot be recycled into the same product without  additional new plastic of up to 70% content being added , with all the environmental situation now known from many TV programs and news outlets and social media.

Currently Heinz produces 650 million bottles of ketchup per year with the majority in plastic.

Plastic took over as the material of choice by all manufactures due to the benefit of use for the consumer in the fact that it is easy to squeeze the sauce out and does not break if dropped.

Peter and Ian considered that this new product once purchased could be used on 300ml / 342g Heinz HP and Ketchup glass bottles.