5 Eco New-Years Resolutions For 2021

2020 has been a difficult year. In some respects it has been a year of looking after yourself, and in other respects it has been a year of compassion and  empathy for our friends, family and neighbours. The one thing that for many has understandably been neglected during 2020 is the environment.

We’ve bulk bought whatever food we could get in the supermarkets, we’ve ordered countless masks, home decor, and are likely to make up for lost time by overindulging in Christmas; and all of that to survive 2020. But with 2021 promising to be more positive and more (dare we say it) ‘normal’, we need to address the one thing that we have neglected over the last 12 months. 

The Environment. 

The Environment in 2020

Between February and October 2020 there were 14 oil spills in Peru that has resulted in over 4,000 barrels of oil being spilled into the Amazon Rainforest. The vast majority of this oil has seeped into the ground, contaminating land, livestock and killing thousands of trees; however over 1,000 barrels of oil has seeped into the Amazon’s vast waterways, which has polluted the drinking water of thousands of indigineous and hundreds of thousands of mammals, birds and fish. Yet, the deaths of many humans, mammals and fish has gone unnoticed in COVID-19 times.

Globally there has been a 6% increase in the pollution directly attributed to COVID-19, with more than 150 disposable billion face masks, more than 70 billion disposable sets of plastic gloves and more than 100 billion single use plastic packaging having been sold over the last 12 months, with much of it going to landfill or being discarded generally.

2021 needs to be a year that we refocus our efforts towards supporting the environment and saving it for our future generations and descendants. In support of this we have compiled 5 environmentally friendly New Year’s Resolutions that you could consider instead of the time old classics of; giving up smoking, losing weight, and taking more holidays.

New Year’s Resolution 1: Support an Eco Charity

Environmental charities and community projects lost more than £10 billion in funding or revenue generation in 2020 globally following the COVID-19 pandemic and a reprioritisation of public and state funding. Many charities who set out to plant trees, support our wildlife, and clean up litter / pollution are struggling to stay afloat in these difficult times. So why not spend a small amount of your Christmas money and donate a little bit of your free time to supporting a local environmentally focused community project. Giving back always feels good. 

New Year’s Resolution 2: Shop More Responsibly

Despite the ever increasing cost and the damaging nature of single use plastic to our environment, there have still been millions of plastic bags sold in UK supermarkets this year. Not only does it make more finance sense to take your own bags to the supermarket, but it makes environmental sense too. So why not resolve to shop more responsibly in 2021, by taking a ‘bag for life’ or reusable bag with you for each of your shops; and just so that you don’t forget, keep your bag for life in the car boot rather than the house for those unplanned trips too.

New Year’s Resolution 3: Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion, as convenient and stylish as it is, is incredibly bad for the environment. Not only is it manufactured with highly toxic synthetic dyes and chemicals, and brings the burning of an insane amount of fossil fuels in the process, but the parcel bags, product packaging and the delivery vehicles that are all part of the fast fashion process are all contributing to the pollution of our amazing environment. So why not resolve to shop more ethically and responsibly. If you need an outfit for one night, look to a local charity shop, or a pre-loved retailer; the quality will be more than you need, and you’ll be saving the environment one little black dress at a time.  

New Year’s Resolution 4: Eat Less Meat

There is nothing better than a nice 10oz rump steak, some triple cooked chips and a dollop of ketchup. We wholeheartedly agree, especially if the ketchup is squirted onto the plate by our Red Sauce Saceustream. But more than 62% of Brits have meat as part of more than 10 times per week. That dependence on meat at meal time is the driving force behind the mass poultry and cattle farming industries that are not only pollutive of the environment through the processing and transport of meat, but also pollutive through farming the raw materials needed to build the calves, cows, chicks and chickens up ready for the abattoir. So why not resolve to turn two-three of your evening meals into vegan or vegetarian meals; not only will it save you a little bit on your weekly shop, but it will help the environment too.

New Year’s Resolution 5: Carry Your Own Water

More than 7.7 billion bottles of drink were sold in the UK in 2019, and this number appears to have increased slightly in 2020 (so far). The average adult in the UK buys more than 3 bottles of water each week. While this trend is great for Evian and Volvic, it is awful for the environment. Many of these water bottles are not disposed of correctly, are not recycled, and may even end up in the sea or the waterways. Water bottles alone are a huge pollutant in the UK before we factor in other single use plastic throwaways. So why not resolve to carry your own tap filled water bottle around with you so that you don’t need to buy a plastic bottle at lunch time or on the way to work. It will help save the sea life, and reduce the landfill.

Make an Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolution this year, to make 2021 a better year for the world.

If you are looking for another way to reduce your level of single use plastic at home, We’ve designed the Saucestream specifically to reduce the use of plastic ketchup and brown sauce bottles – because glass bottles are a better recyclant and more environmentally friendly.